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The journey of a poet

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Friday, June 8, 2018


Eyes half-closed,
I see a seashore
at night,
waves touching my feet
in delight;
I feel the warmth
of the water,
I sense the soothing breeze
I take a walk…
eyes flash
I am recharged
at my place of work.

I derive courage
to play my finite role
from the infinite stage.


Never mind what is.

a garden
beneath your heaven
see yourself as king or queen,
challenge your old belief systems
anger, hatred, jealousy
watch your thoughts, all of them.
The reality you imagine
will show on the scene.

Wars and worries will cease
peace and happiness
not from your acquired intelligence
but from your unabated faith
will manifest at ease.


दया है सबसे बड़ी दवा
जिसने दिल से दी
और जिसको ये मिली
दोनों को ही दुआ मिलेगी भरपूर
परम पिता से ज़रूर
जलते रहेगा अपने मन का दिया

Edited by Jasneet Kaur and Abhay Tikekar
Converted into Hindi script by Elizabeth Mona

my first poem in hindi...

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Shifting position

For long
my organs were hypothecated
I was living a borrowed life
lived, outdated.

I have a blue sky
in my eyes,
they see the world
without hired colors;
I have a stream
in my ears,
they listen to the world
flow and fall
with melodies unheard;
I have a stage
in my tongue,
it lives in peace
with words and tunes
unsaid, unsung;

My hands have a mountain
in between
it shivered on my shoulders
bold, loud, fearsome
my head
dead tired for years,
of late it hangs in my arms
rests, vibrates on my lap
steady, stable, serene.


‘How lovely to see you’,
says my smiling face
‘No, it’s not true’
sighs my inner space.
I feel heavy and hollow
beyond trace.

I sound sweet
when I think good and nice
in my mind.
It’s an engaging exercise;
my thoughts and speech coalesce at ease.
What a splendid bliss this is.
I feel light and healthy from inside.


All through the sleeping days
I was acting on the stage
mimicking actions done for years,
parroting words of others
unsure, confused, rejected;
yet I had wings
to fly like a bird.

When I chose to be the audience
I stopped judging
enjoyed the role
started loving it all, from end to end
understood the importance
of waking up, accepting
my performance.

The same mundane world around me
uncovered, softened, changed;
detached, I was stable on the ground
my feathers could lift me beyond the sky
independent and free.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Yesterday, I was thinking of yesterday
Living in dead hours
Yes to scrapped days
I wish I could say noterday
but dictionaries will be worried
beyond words, with naysayers;
anon with tomorrow I'm perpetually in wars
relay race continues to rehearse
mind ceaselessly carry memories, like hearse
it hardly has a trace
how it disappears behind grace;
hurt, hidden, punished, banished
in hell, in hell, in hell.

I am slowly buried under the earth
I struggle to heal my moments
thousands of them, pouring in,
but I have also learned to plan and win
for days yet to be born
with my learned horn
my head, my head, my head is only alive

I wish I could live light, feel good,
forever in heaven, engaged and full
but I have learned to live in my beautiful
dazed yesterday
with heaps of known sorrow
reliving in the dead tomorrow.

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