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Tuesday, July 10, 2018


just a while ago
I thought
I let old memories go
but they've again conquered
my space, my body, my ego
overcast the presence
of my elusive consciousness


horizon teaches me
what lies before my eyes
may not be what I see


we're great learners
as though we know now
how to survive
without weapons

here to stay

don't worry
mobiles and other gadgets
will be outdated soon
what'll never be antiquated
are weapons and arms of intolerance

hide and seek

don't hide behind
your not-so-true image
a smiling camouflage
gather the courage
what lies
weeps inside


intolerance is the only arm
that severs
the arms of acceptance

white waters

clouds and waves
from the canvas
to my mind
white waters
whisper whistle
wash wither
I wonder if I could ever
capture their sound
or just let them be
without the sky and the sea

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