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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I will not let you go

I will not let you go
you are dear to me
I spent time with you
ignoring reality
I was chasing you, as palpable
I will not let you forget
I lost the game
but I was charging the ball
my stay
a coffin in the playground
smirks sounded like claps
from inside
I could hear my heart cry
I will not let you go

Monday, January 16, 2017


Wind is the writer,
Earth is the page,
Stories written all around
Falling from the blue on the ground
Flowers and fruits
Grasses soft and tender
Blooming, humming round the flute,
Reaping for readers to gauge.

Wind is also a witness
To dreads of many a kind,
Earth, eager to erase
The script so dead, unkind.

Wind gifts the stars
To the earth, day and night
Despite the bruising scars
Lovers' longhand is right.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Being beyond

I was trying to look for some space
From deep inside to a far-off land  
Where I could be just me,
I closed my eyes, went to the moon
I wept,
My eyes, wet
You were also in there
Golden and fresh…
This fatal season
Where I am fumbling for some time
Maybe a little land, or a word, just a word
This yellow heat that I am sensing now
You have become golden in the silver zone.
If I could write you down,
For those tears that came
Coerced me to slip,
Open my eyes
In the moon of my mind,
There is no room
As naked as this earth,
Which part of this world is this?
Which season does my heart unfold?
Color blind I have since childhood known
Am I blinded by space too?
I hold a droplet in my nail
Behold it again and again
The physical and the non-physical
Out-pours in a drop, just a drop
That absorbs an ocean
Beyond time, being in time
Beyond space, being in space
The face shines.
The being smiles.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


পড়ে প্রেম পিরিতে
পরিণতি পেলাম আমি
চড়ে বিয়ের পিড়িতে
হলাম আমি পরিনিতা
রাঙা সিঁন্দুর সিথিতে

Monday, January 9, 2017


Poverty also has poetry in it
Let’s live with it if we might
Victory of the haves may or may not retreat
Poetry can with its strength write.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


In this civilized world
How easy it has become
To move on…

Walking over violated women
A hand to the rapists,
Stampeding the poor
Affording the rich,
Running over innocence
Assisting the culprits.

In our civilized world
How easy it has become
To move on…

Talking of peace
Marketing violence,
Discussing acceptance
Nursing intolerance,
Eloquent strategies for the poor
But poverty begs from door to door.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Treat you well

Yes, I was once pushed into it,
But now I enjoy every bit
Of the sale,
Talking to the one who brings them
To me, and ah, talking to those lames
Who spread those sticky cells,
On and off the bed,
A mark of their indifferent trade.

But my dear,
You haven’t come into the affair
Still you have fear,
Want them to treat you well
Why’d you wait for it and wail,
Treat you well? What do you mean hey!
Underestimating self by giving them sway!

No, celebrate you victory
When you’re violated,
In the long trajectory
Of silence, you have overrated
The tools
Of those desperate fools.

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