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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Making a move

When all the scientists
Engage their ignited minds
To develop a technology
That channels to feed
The thin mouths
With excess food,
Then the expeditions to
The outer worlds
Will make sense.

Map the distance between
The food and the hungry heart,
Measure with flawless perfection
Than making a mark
On the colorful planets;
Calculate the shelf life of the
Not-yet waste grub,
Let it travel to its starving hub
Sparking priceless smiles.
This trajectory is worth
Thousand times more
Than those
Lightyears of
Meandering miles.

Dry food, wet food
Oh! The huge Stomach
Is waiting to eat them all.
Before it reaches the garbage
For heaven's sake
Let them reach their desired place.

If you could construct towers
In every nook and corner
For the sake of communication,
You could definitely streamline
The excess to the needy
With your effort and gumption.

Every eatery, hotel
Every restaurant, motel
Every house, home,
Every city, from Haiti, Beijing
To New Jersey, Rome
Needs your help dear
Scientists and engineers
of the world to ensure
That not a morsel of food,
Not a drop of water
Be drained,
We don't have the means
You see
To let them rot and squander
Without care and empathy.

When you solve this challenge
Of this blue terrain
With your gifted Brain,
When all its famished residents
Are replete, thanks to your brilliance
Can you rest to wander
In outer space.

Else it's rather
To make a move
In Moon or Mars.

Monday, December 10, 2018

In words

I speak with words
Yet the sense
Precipitates in a land
Beyond their world.

I've never chosen
Green for grief,
Gray for gaiety
I have never said,
'I'm tired'
With an expression
Of exhilaration.

Of the soil.

It is the non-words
That make words, words.

All of this
Had to be unearthed
In words.

Humble wish

The tongue is in between
The heart and the brain
Let my speech draw
The strength and balance
from both,
Not from one alone,
For then it could be either
Too dry, too wet, too in vain.

Let it be colorful, soft, sure
Warm and humble, yet very high
Let the lightness of the tongue
Touch the sky,
its sharpness so sound
Peacefully poised on the ground
Like the rainbow that's seen
As an effort of delight
By the sun and the rain.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

France factor

France factor

France is fuelling!
No to football?
Is France failing?
Frustrated with
The rising fuel price
They're fiercely paying
A heavy price.
Damaging their own
Priceless possessions
In Paris which, even
Hitler hesitated to hurt?
All this just to
Get a message across?
France has lost its gumption.
To protest against Macron
Parisians, or 'Pharisiens'*
Are behaving like Morons.
O Saraswati! Goddess of learning! Save this mess!
Bless this modern Kalidasa**
So he resurrects into consciousness!

Pharisiens* - Pharisees or hypocrites
Kalidasa** - One of the greatest Sanskrit writers of India, author of  'Meghadootam'. The legend goes that he was considered naïve and ignorant, known to have been cutting the branch of a tree where he was sitting. He fell off the tree and was weeping helplessly when Goddess Saraswati came to his succour, blessed him and thus hehwent on to become the wisest man history has ever known.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Being in touch

Being in touch

Speak less, speak slow
Speak sweet,
Even when you're
Feeling low.

Let vibrations of
Happiness be sent
To all the priceless
Five elements.

From dawn to dusk
Let all the organs
Sing of love
Not of judgement.

Being light, being sound
Beneath the sky,
On the ground

In every moment.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The unpaintable

Heaps of livid leaves
Lying loose on the ground.
A deaf and blind artist
Visibly challenged,
With the tired brush,
Frozen paints,
Frenzied fist,
Was trying hard
To draw people,
Who, in their mind
Are deaf and blind.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Br-aching news

When the moribund world
Is wailing of walls
Of false, deadly habits
Beyond its wits,
We are in the lounge talking,
Breaking our heads
Over Brenrty or Brexit.

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