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The journey of a poet

Image credit: Google images I understand who I am through the records of my life I land in sound, silence some hear...

Monday, February 6, 2017


It’s heat.
Water standing with its fired up feat,
It’s far from warm
Harmless waves eager to charm.

Sky looks empty
Without clouds
For nothing, woos the water bodies
Loud thunder.

Sudden hollowness
Of the sky and the earth
Freezes the wind, silence
Breaks in the heart.

A writer was trying to write;
That which is already written
Painter trying to paint,
The painted.

In the middle of black and white
Of the vast blues,
The stealing of clouds and waters
Appears and withers, continues.

Friday, February 3, 2017

dead bird

dead bird's blood
red carpet


Feathers reign
Their beauty, strength
Gives wings,
Alongside polish and elegance
fluttering deafens
Flesh bedazzles.

Organs, nearly all
Create an invincible wall,
The dysfunctional innocence
With ignorance, arrogance
Enjoys and celebrates
Noise in silence.

Cleanliness continues
Garden of words
Beautiful letters
Aesthetic expressions
Charm comforts
Senses out of the hide
In broad daylight
Still, moving lives suicide
Humming weapons inside
Feathers fall as feathers
From outside to outside.

Clean or muddy
Weak or sturdy
Feathers are feathers
Farther from the flyer
Nesting at ease
In hearts that buzz
Beyond letters and words
Spotless, clear
Silence that speaks.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I was driving at sixty-five
Going for a picnic, with family;
Old Hindi songs,
Homemade sandwiches, drinks
Affectionate, caring words
Floating around
Dancing inside out
Laughing, giggling,
The air, so embracing.

I saw another family driving
The car I wanted to buy
Brushed past,
Anger painted my face
With sharp eyes, I was engaged in the race,
Hopping to hundred and twenty;
Leaving my family, happiness
Importing unwanted stress
Racing and racing.

Neighbors of the world
You are out on a picnic journey;
Songs, foods, warm words
Ignored on the way,
Thoughts to beat, compete, and overtake
Your comfort so rich, fleeting away
Putting innocent lives at stake
Chasing poor thoughts of agony
Driving and driving.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


The priests, politicians, industrialists
Decided for long to man the world
Came running, rushing to the red shore
At once, not to condole
But with folded hands, to implore
Manage the disaster
By the shouldering protagonists
Acting for ages, cornered on the floor.

News reached too late. Now worships, wealth, goods
Craving for attention, for food
Won't be born, but burn in the woods.
For farmers have decided not to plough anymore,
Women, not to conceive like marionettes of the folklore.
Severed the lines
Fruit between the thighs,
Thoughts now dead, to violate and roar.

The last space dropped in the ocean. Done.
Rulers meek, weak, with lost rank and file,
Piper just left, his tune-trail behind
Crowd crying in turn,
Thirsty, wailing waves
Outside, in the mind
Hurling through the caves
Futile! Sterile!

Terror threats of the nuclear world
Like the erring peace, hollow words.

Intelligent men could never believe,
The need to manufacture Adam and Eve.

Scientists now have eggs on their Face,
They decided to focus on the Outer Space.

Leaders in rupture on this final defeat,
Blaming the flutist for his indecisive feat.

Walls now cracking on the soldiers' Earth,
Resting in peace one species birth.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


It has exploded into my space
easy, full with calmness
I get your written thoughts, in seconds.
Earlier I was sailing on my own

Now, running into ambit unknown
a person, a people
black, purple
flesh-less poppers
give me, give me paroles
chasing destruction
with folded hands
covered eyes
coded colored minds
worried fears
deafening ears.

Reaching in seconds at every gate
bedrooms, kitchens, gardens
being on time, a little late.


darkness and light
gloom and freshness
flesh of water
condense, expanded
I write my letter.

When it reaches
will be wet
fresh and pure
questions, responses
floating certain, unsure
without gasping jam
my love will reach
your bones
your blood…

Your cloud
will arrive,
a while ago
I was looking upon you
now you above me
expression of experience
a moving sense of space.

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